Who we are

Offering “the good” generously to everyone, in the purest and most natural way

Happy Fields

Hemp products, rich in high quality CBD

At Happy Fields we uniquely combine nature’s purest ingredients so you can enjoy the beneficial properties of cannabis safely, every day. With expertise, innovation and high quality assurance, we create certified CBD products that contribute to the body’s well-being and balance.

Who we are

We are Vassilis and Michalis, two Happy Friends who grew up together and made our dream come true together: to create a brand that generously offers “the good” to everyone, in the purest and most natural way.

With the power of our friendship, our knowledge of nature and our love for people, we created Happy Fields in 2018, the company that produces innovative hemp products, rich in high quality CBD.

Happy Fields products with CBD

At Happy Fields we make CBD a part of our diet and everyday life and let the power of nature fill us with goodness and balance.

Through hemp oils, hemp tea, natural hemp juices, hemp flowers and hemp pastes, we enjoy CBD products every day, depending on our needs. Wellness, relief, relaxation, energy, detoxification, concentration, it’s all there, in the rich blends of herbs and plants, in the refreshing combinations of fruits and vegetables, in the essences and oils.

Discover the beneficial, aromatic and very tasty Happy Fields products with CBD and get the quality of life you deserve.

Why Happy Fields

We believe in the power of “good”[K1] and the beneficial properties of pure, natural and – until now – misunderstood ingredients. That’s why at Happy Fields we cultivate and produce products with high quality cannabidiol (CBD), which offer well-being and a better quality of life for everyone.

The purity of Happy Fields products and their content of high quality CBD have been certified by specialized laboratories of the European Union. So you can feel confident that you are enjoying daily 100% safe products that deliver what they claim.

We also know that good partnerships add value to a product, which is why we feel especially proud when our partners choose us, not only for our products, but also for our reliability, integrity and consistency.

Vertical form of CBD production

At Happy Fields we have a vertically integrated production unit, so we can guarantee the high quality of our products. Here, everything is out of our hands. From the selection of the seeds, the cultivation of the fields and the processing of the hemp, to the extraction of the CBD, the packaging of the final product and its distribution to the market. With the help of technology, the constant search for perfection, but also our respect for nature and human, we are sure that the products reach your hands 100% natural, Greek and with high quality CBD. And always, beneficial and enjoyable, with a really good taste.

Our vision

Our vision at Happy Fields is to grow and produce high quality cannabidiol and manage it ourselves, ensuring the production of premium and pure CBD products. And of course, we make sure that everyone is happy: the producers who make their dream come true, the fields that are grown naturally and sustainably, the partners who use high-quality CBD in their own products and of course you, who enjoy the beneficial benefits of CBD .

Above all, our land

We feel particularly satisfied that everything starts from Greek farms and greenhouses. Our fields are located in Thessaly, Serres, Halkidiki and Peloponnese, in fertile soils that drain well and have a neutral or slightly alkaline reaction. We make sure that the areas we choose are under the Greek light and are at an altitude. We dry the hemp leaves with the heat of the sun and the whole process is done with care to maintain the high quality of the CBD, from the field to the shelf.

At Happy Fields we grow our own Sativa L industrial hemp plants, which are approved by the European Union. They are grown organically, using methods of good agricultural practice, without pesticides and chemicals. We apply GAP (Good Agricultural Practices) certified organic farming practices to ensure the highest quality and safety.

How is CBD extracted? We apply the purest and most modern methods that give us extracts rich in cannabinoids, terpenes and flavonoids, which at the same time preserve the genetic integrity of the plant. In this way, we produce full-spectrum CBD so you can enjoy the full benefits of cannabidiol.